The London Lawn Bowling Club was organized in 1892 and in 1902 had a membership of 245. The Club grounds were situated on the south bank of the River Thames, just at the confluence of the North and South branches, a great location for a bowling green. The members had two large greens for play - one 12 feet above the other - one 125 feet by 50 feet and the other 130 foot square, each had cinder bottoms.

It was upon these lawns that the annual Western Ontario Bowling Association tournament was held since the organization's inception in 1895.

These greens were lost in the flood of West London in 1937. Bowling then went to the P.U.C. grounds on Ridout Street.

In 1879 the London Bowling and Rowing Club was noted for tennis, curling, and card games. The Thistle Club of London (1879 Incorporated 1903) was also formed to have a bowling department, lawn tennis and curling.


For the 2017 season of W.O.B.A., the event was moved to Heritage Greens Lawn Bowling Club in Kitchener, Ontario. Heritage Greens LBC was started in 1997 after the closing and move of the previous Rockway LBC was facilitated by the City of Kitchener and members of Rockway LBC. Heritage has two full-sized greens and has been the host of a number of Major events since its inception.

In 2017 the format of W.O.B.A. was also changed to a men’s team event consisting of four players that would compete in fours, triples and singles.

With this change in venue and a shakeup of the format, there was a revitalization of the event and a new era of W.O.B.A was started.


In 2023 an additional change was made to the format of W.O.B.A moving it from a four-man team to a true 5-a-side event where players would split up to play fours, triples, pairs and singles over a three-day span.


A Lifetime Member status is bestowed on the truly legendary players of WOBA. Only a small percentage of players reach this status and it demonstrates just how impactful and important that person has been to the ongoing legacy of the event.

George Boxwell
Ron Jones
Chuck Townsend
Doug Hoskin
Jack McIntosh

Previous Winners

Five-man team

2023Martin FoxhallErik GalipeauRob GalipeauDavid LlewellynDesmond Tibby

Four-man team

2022Grant LoveRusty RugglesStewart PotterDave Dafoe
2019Darryl FitzgeraldTom RothJurgen FesslerMike Wagner
2018Darryl FitzgeraldMichel LarueJurgen FesslerMike Wagner
2017Darryl FitzgeraldColin ThomsonJurgen FesslerMike Wagner

Men's Rinks

1938P.D. McCallum (Skip)W. SaundersC. JarvisA. McLeish
1939-1946No Records.
1947 Chas. Dennis (Skip)H. SladeH. PearceA. Pegg
1948C. Haskett (Skip)J. PollardM. SmithF. Kilbourne
1949C. Haskett (Skip)J. PollardM. SmithF. Kilbourne
1950J. Reed (Skip)V. FranksW. HardingJ. McNair
1951G. Curnoe (Skip)H. WatkinsW.W. LoveD. Bright
1952M. Telfer (Skip)H. Larkin E. RobinsonS. Vernon
1953No Records.
1954M. Aikenhead (Skip)R. DunnC. SmithF. Wilson
1955W. Ball (Skip)
1956E. Fairbairn (Skip)
1957Jack Beacom (Skip)
1958Jim Watkins (Skip)
1959A. McDonald (Skip)
1960E. Berry (Skip)
1961Jim Watkin (Skip)
1962Jim Black (Skip)
1963D. Stephen (Skip)R. BollingRobert SneddonColin Sneddon
1964Cecil Milliken (Skip)Cecil GarrisonBud SturdyRev D.S. Campbell
1965No Reports

Men's Pairs

1939-1946 No Reports
1947 R. Alexander, C. Howe
1948 J. Furhman, J. Johnston
1949 W. Martin, George Robbins
1950 Jeff Smith, F. Wilson
1951 F. Herrington, Dr. Weston Krupp
1952 W.R. Cherry, E. Pierce
1953 No Records
1954 R. Dunn, C. Smith
1955 J. Hovell, Skip
1956 M. Dow, Skip
1957 Bert Stevens, Skip
1958 Grant Hopkins, Skip
1959 Aubrey Pope, Skip
1960 G. Ross, Skip
1961 Jim Watkin, Elmer Kelly
1962 Robert Sneddon, Skip
1963 Reverend D. S. Campbell, Jim Law
1964 Aubrey Pope, Harvey Andrews
1965 No Reports
1966 Dr. C.H. Brereton
1967 Bob Watkin, Jim Watkin
1968 A. Hoyland, L. Cade
1969 Chuck Townsend, Jim Watkin
1970 Lou Thomas, Les Heard
1971 Don Carphin, Jim Grainger
1972 David Holmes, Bob Holmes
1973 Hugh Cuming, Bob McIntosh
1974 Ron Jones, Tom Bowness
1975 John Hull, Milne Freeman
1976 Ron Jones, Tom Bowness
1977 Glen Connor, Don Graham
1978 Dave Colclough, Lee Ryan
1979 Ron Jones, Bill Watkin
1980 Ron Jones, Bill Watkin
1981 Ron Jones, Bill Watkin
1982 Ron Jones, Bill Watkin
1983 Ron Jones, Bill Watkin
1984 John Harwood, Ralph Ellis
1985 Hugh Branston, Dave Houtby
1986 Rick Mathews, John Donahue
1987 Doug Hoskin, Ian Jones
1988 Kevin Jones, Ron Jones
1989 Rick Matthews John Donohue
1990 Brad Flemming, Wayne Wright
1991 Kevin Jones Ron Jones
1992 Ian Jones John Donohue
1993 Dave Houtby Ron Jones
1994 Mick McFadden, James Covell
1995 Mark Sandford, Allan Leung
1996 John Devonshire, David Anderson
1997 Doug Hoskin, Monty Adkin
1998 Bill Baxter, James Covell
1999 Mick McFadden, Jim Ellieff Bill Riddock, Al Ferguson (Tie)
2000 John Scullion, Brian McCartney
2001 Bob Bester, Ryan Bester
2002 Bill Falconer, Jim Howard
2003 Norm Elkin, John Devlin
2004 Brian McCartney, Ron Wood
2005 Pete Mutter, Brian Fowler
2006 Ryan Bester, Bob Bester
2007 Ryan Bester, Bob Bester
2009 Kevin Jones, Ron Jones
2010 Kevin Jones, Ron Jones
2011 Brian McCartney Gord Terwillegar
2012 Mark Sandford, Craig Dorey
2013 Herb Nesbitt, Dave Bell

Mens Triples

1966 Jack Bell, Skip
1967 H. Hope, Skip
1968 L. Lickman, George Robbins, Ron Jones
1969 Neil Salkeld, Skip Caledonia
1970 Norm Young, Jim Ross, Jim Watkin
1971 Lorne Lickman, George Robbins, Ron Jones
1972 Lorne Lickman, George Robbins, Ron Jones
1973 Lorne Lickman, George Robbins, Ron Jones
1974 Gene Bowlby, Huron Wintermute, Jack Pidduck
1975 Gene Bowlby, Huron Wintermute, Jack Pidduck
1976 Fred Hoskin, Ken McIntyre, Doug Hoskin
1977 Moe Cosyn, Jack Pidduck, Gene Bowlby
1978 Tom Barrett, Art Houtby, Dave Houtby
1979 Monty Adkin, Ron Jones, Tom Bowness
1980 Gary Kosinsky, Bill Falconer, Don Beaupit
1981 Murray Taylor, Kevin Jones, Jim Watkin
1982 John Haggo, Barrie McFadden, Mark Gilliland
1983 Dave Larcombe, Gary Charity, Dan Milligan
1984 Jim Watkin Jr., Ian Jones, Bill Watkin
1985 Mary Lyon, John Haggo, Mark Gilliland
1986 Alf Kirton, John Hull, Jim Ellieff
1987 Howard Adkin, Monte Adkin, Ian Jones
1988 John Devonshire, Ralph Ellis, Brian McCartney
1989 Kevin Jones, Ron Jones, Syd Bartlett
1990 Jim Law, Bill Boettger, George Boxwell
1991 James Covell Bill Baxter Graham McKellar
1992 Howard Adkin, Ian Jones Monty Adkin
2000 Jab Pierce, Ron Wood, Steve Wood

Womens Pairs

1995 Patti Grabowski, Rita Hurley
1996 Bev Blucher, Sandra Jarmain
1997 Pauline Peart, Maureen Thompson
1998 Celia Noble, Marion Wall
1999 Evelyn Sartain, Helen Dewer
2000 Roberta Lane, Mary Terrill
2001 Linda Butler, Dee Murray
2002 Sandy McKenzie, Helen Culley
2003 Cathy Townsend, Rita Hurley
2004 Martha Welsh, Julie Fowler
2005 Noreen Welsh, Karen Robinson
2006 Marion Wall, Helen Dickson
2007 Kerry O'Reilly, Andrea Stadnyk
2008 Leanne Chinery, Kelly McKerihen
2009 Jean Brighton, Bev Houston
2010 Maureen Thompson, Carol Carter
2011 Kelly McKerihen Laura Seed
2012 Maureen Thompson, Carol Carter
2013 Sue Roth, Erin Dorey


1947 W. Ball
1948C. Teel
1949Dr. Weston Krupp
1950Dr. Weston Krupp
1951George Robbins
1952E. Fairbairn
1953E. Pierce
1954Jack Beacom
1955Neil Salkeld
1956R. A. "Dick" Trumper
1957Karl Beacom
1958Frank Flood
1959Dave Stephen
1960W. Crerar
1961E. Kellytd>
1962W. H. Johnson
1963Doug Smith
1964R. A. "Dick" Trumper
1965No Reports
1966Ray Reidel
1967Carl Thiel
1968Joe Dorsch
1969Ron Jones
1970John Haggo
1971Ron Jones
1972Hugh Cuming
1973Mark Gilliland
1974Dave Houtby
1975Larry McLellan
1976Ron Jones
1977George Robbins
1978Lee Ryan
1979Doug Hoskin
1980Jim Ellieff
1981Harry Livingston
1982John Hull
1983Stewart Simpson
1984Morrie Wolpert
1985Ron Jones
1986Lyall Adams
1987Ian Jones
1988Bill Boettger
1989Lyall Adams
1990Brad Fleming
1991Ralph Ellis
1992John Donahue
1993Brian McCartney
1994Ron Jones
1995Mark Gilliland
1996Keith Roney
1997Al Ferguson
1998Mark Sandford
1999James Covell
2000Ryan Bester
2001Ryan Stadnyk
2002Norm Welsh
2003Kevin Jones
2004Mark Sandford
2005Bob Bester
2006Ryan Bester
2007Chris Stadnyk
2008Chuck Townsend
2009Kevin Jones
2010Bob North
2011Arnie Markowitz
2012Dylan Jacobs
2013Kevin Jones
2014Craig Dorey
2015Kevin Jones
2016Mike Wagner

Open Pairs

2014 Patrick Duffy, Burl Roller
2015 Kelly McKerihen, Steve McKerihen
2016 Brian Fowler, Jack Fowler

Open Triples

1993 No records
1994 Howard Adkin, Ian Jones Monty Adkin
1995 Chris Johnson, Larry McLellan, Jamie McLellan
1996 Doug Hoskin, Mick McFadden, Kevin Jones
1997 Ralph Ellis, Ron Wood, David Anderson
1998 Mick McFadden, Dean Bergsma, Doug Hoskin
1999 Larry McLellan, Chris Johnson, Jamie McLellan
2000 Doreen Creany, Mellisa Ranger, Andrea Weigand
2015 Alan Steffen Robert Steffen Bill McKechnie
2016 Chris Stadnyk Dan Milligan Owen Kirby

Open Fours

2001Morrie WolpertHugh BranstonDoug HoskinKevin Jones
2002Bill BaxterJoAnne BuglerMaureen ThompsonJames Covell
2003Morrie WolpertHugh BranstonDoug HoskinKevin Jones
2004Peter MutterBrian FowlerMark SutylaBob North
2005Chris StadnykRyan StadnykDan MilliganJack McIntosh
2006Dave HoutbyDave BellKerry O'ReillyAndrea Stadnyk
2011Jurgen FesslerLarry McLellanMike WagnerChris Johnson
2012 Jurgen FesslerLarry McLellanMike WagnerChris Johnson
2013 Craig DoreyMichael CochraneRon WhiteheadTom Roth
2014 Jurgen FesslerLarry McLellanMike WagnerChris Johnson

Mixed Pairs

1967 Ruby Foskett, Bert Blissett
1968 Ruby Foskett, Bert Blissett
1969 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bacon
1970 Rained Out
1971 Mr. & Mrs. Don Gibson
1972 Agnes Bowlby Gene Bowlby
1973 H. Fairbairn, Ray Grove
1974 Mr. & Mrs. MacTavish
1975 Shirley Otis, Len Boreham
1976 Barbara & Tom Bowness
1977 Ruth Pegg, Don Carphin
1978 Elva Mol, Glen Ross
1979 Nellie Kipp, Ron Jones
1980 Walter & Eileen Kelley
1981 Ruth Snyder, Fred Wallbank
1982 Lynda Robbins, Gord Hyde
1983 Myrna Beam, Reg Gillett
1984 Rick & Mary Tompkins
1985 John Haggo, Jessie White
1986 Marilyn & Bob Hart
1987 Audrey & Jack MacDonald
1988 June & Jack Bell
1989 Kathy & Tom Bowness
1990 Rainout
1991 Beth Campbell, Roger Buck
1992 John Zivec, Myrna Beam
1993 Sharyl Ann Milligan, Dan Milligan
1994 Doreen Creany, Joe Green
1995 Sandra Barmstone, Ryan Stadnyk
1996 Mary Ellen Emery, Ron Geniole
1997 Pat and Sam Doak
1998 Wendy Stevens, Mark Sandford
1999 Jean & Keith Roney
2000 Edna Hewitt, David Anderson
2001 Wendy Stevens, Mark Sandford
2002 Shan Maxwell, Dean Bergsma
2003 Laura Hawryszko, Ryan Stadnyk
2004 Donna Stadnyk, Ian Jones
2005 Maureen Thompson, Bill Baxter
2006 Marion & Laverne Anderson
2007 Chris Stadnyk, Amy Weatherstone
2008 Len & Lorraine Hitchcock
2009 Jake Schuknecht Kaitlin Ryan
2010 Shiley Hague Gary Moore
2011 Jim Smith Rosalie Parson Brown
2012 Kelly McKerihen, Dylan Jacobs

Bowler(s) of the Week - Roland West Memorial Trophy Winners

1974Huron Wintermute - London Fairmont
1975Tom Bowness & Doug Hoskin - London Elmwood
1976 Ron Jones - London Elmwood
1977 Ron Jones - London Elmwood
1978 Lee Ryan - Goderich
1979 Ron Jones - London Elmwood
1980 George Robbins - London Elmwood
1981 Ron Jones - London Elmwood
1982 Kevin Jones - London Fairmont
1983 Al Ferguson - Agincourt
1984 Peter Mutter - London Elmwood
1985 Ron Jones - London Elmwood
1986 Jim Ellieff & John Hull - Agincourt
1987 Ian Jones - London Fairmont
1988 Kevin Jones - London Elmwood
1989 Greg Dolsky - Commonwealth Edmonton
1990 Bill Boettger - Heritage Kitchener
1991 James Covell - London Elmwood
1992 John Donohue - London Elmwood
1993 Dave Houtby - Niagara Falls & Brian McCartney - Oshawa
1994 Ron Jones - London Elmwood
1995 Ian Jones - Chatham
1996 Chris Stadnyk - Niagara Falls
1997 Dave Anderson - Oshawa
1998 James Covell - London Elmwood
1999 James McLellan - St. Mary's
2000 Chris Stadnyk - Niagara Falls
2001 Doug Hoskin - London Elmwood & Martha Welsh - B.C.
2002 James Covell - London Elmwood & Helen Culley - Willowdale
2003 Kevin Jones - Lambeth & Susan Smith - Cobourg
2004 Mark Sutyla - Regina, Doreen Creaney & Jackie Hogan (Tie)
2005 Bob Bester-Hanover & Kerry OReilly -Quebec
2006 Ryan Bester-Hanover & Kerry O'Reilly-Quebec
2007 Chris Stadnyk & Anna Panton
2008 Kevin Jones & Jean Roney
2009 Kevin Jones & Kelly McKerihen
2010 Kevin Jones & Susan Karlins
2011 Jim Roth & Laura Seed
2012 Mark Sandford & Heather Battles
2013 Craig Dorey & Sue Roth
2014 Mike Wagner & Laura Seed
2015 Kelly McKerihen (Open Tournament
2016 Brian Fowler (Open Tournament)